Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vacation Bible School Day One

Oh my goodness I am over loaded with VBS photos! You Moms who take thousands of Disney pictures I don't see how you ever get them organized, I've only got a couple of 100 and am overwhelmed. I've decided just to do them day by day with a few special post in between. So here we go :-)
Excited girls ready to begin
Claudia, Gracie & Hallie
Hallie & Mady
A group hug for Tyler
The puppets are always a VBS favorite
Mrs. Jenna was over recreation and she had some inventive games. In this one you passed a leaking cup over your head to a bucket and the team who got the most water in the bucket won.
Anxiously checking the buckets for water
Yellow team wins!!
Waiting to race again!
As you can tell by the clothes everyone got wet but it was so hot no one minded
Time for crafts one of Hallie's favorite VBS times
Showing off the finished product a 3-d butterfly
The boys got to work on a snake while the girls worked on the butterflies.
That's a great looking snake Hayden just don't let your Dad or my Hubby see it or they will be headed for the hills :-) :-)
Hallie says "VBS day 1 was so much fun can't wait for tomorrow!"

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  1. Now you know why I did collages of my Disney pics! I loved Day 1...I'm so thankful you took the pics!