Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bible School Day 4

The theme for Thursday was tacky day and it was really fun. The boys and girls carried out the theme with  inside out clothes, mismatched clothes, different color shoes, you name it they tried it.
Here is Hallie as we left with striped knee socks, pink tutu, converse tennis shoes & different color bows
Taylor thought they said to dress wacky tacky and when she arrived and saw no one dressed quite this wacky she still wore it in-good girl Taylor you have nerve :-)
Oh Ben what a mess you are!
Alayna Grace proudly showing me all her jewelry for tacky day
Abbie chose stripes paired with polka dots and different color shoes to show her tacky side
Here's a picture of all the tacky boys and girls :-)
Here is Hallie's class practicing the bible school theme song Sonquest rainforest
Here they are practicing one of their favorite songs "I'm following Jesus"
The craft for this night was my favorite-it was a prayer box. I am a firm believer in prayer and that has carried down to Hallie. She will come to me and ask to pray about anything and everything and I hope she never outgrows that!
Here is Gracie & Hallie working hard
Sometimes a Dad can give the best help of all
Claudia, Hallie & Alayna Grace proudly showing their finished boxes
And to end the night a group hug for Tyler who has the patience of Job with these kids because they jump on him, crawl on him, they treat him like one of their stuffed animals-bless his heart!

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