Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bible School Mia

Mia is one of those precious little girls that if I was still young enough she would make me want another one. As you can see, Tim thinks she is a doll too :-)
During bible school I took almost as many pictures of Mia as I did Hallie. I went in one night while the little ones were in music and Mia really knew the motions. This also happened to be the night they had made fruit loop bracelets and necklaces in craft class. Watch as she is doing her hand motions and just can't help being tempted every time her cereal bracelet goes by her mouth!
Ok we're off to a good start
Mia is eyeing the bracelet and it sure looks tempting
 Just one little lick as it goes by
 .....or maybe just a little bite
 Uh oh....Mimi has spotted me having my snack-better get back to work :-)
 Mia you are such a doll!

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