Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Festivals, Friends & Fireworks.....almost

On Saturday we headed to Franklin for their firework celebration because we had been told they were the best around this area. Unfortunately, we still don't know. The problem was we got there several hours before nightfall and Hallie just pooped out on us. It was what I would call an old fashion 4th festival...take a look

A dunking booth

A watermelon eating contest

Booths to tempt children and take parents hard earned money :-)

The city of Franklin has fixed the square to honor veterans 
They have several monuments dedicated to veterans from their area we were looking over the names & I was shocked to see my Dad's name although it was misspelled, it was his name and his war in which he served.
The entire square is such a testament of respect to veterans which they so richly deserve

Hallie knew I was disappointed about the fireworks like she was so she was quick to say yes to a few pics when we got home to make Mom happy :-)

If we ever move into another house I think one of the things I would miss the most about this one is our country front porch. It has served as the backdrop for Hunter and Hallie's pictures since they were babies.

We ended this jam packed day with a trip to Lakeside Marina to eat and I took my camera hoping to get some good water shots unfortunately the water was way crowded and Hallie was too shy but we did run into an old friend
Leah is very special to Hallie and us. She was Hallie's dance class helper until this year when she moved away to college.  Hallie has always been a little shy and reserved and Leah always sought her out to give her a hug & encouragement.We love you Leah!

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