Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bible School Day 3

The theme for day 3 was to wear red, white or blue or all 3!
We started each day with the pledge to the American flag, the Christian flag & the Bible. Don't Justin, Cooper, Claudia & Grace look precious doing their duty proudly.
 Here are Sara, Nathan, Cooper & Mia sporting their theme colors
 Alayna Grace, Gracie & Logan
Remember how I said Mrs. Jenna was creative with recreation? Well she outdid herself on day 3 with the popcorn game. The object was to load a cup strapped to your foot with popcorn then walk to a bucket and dump it, trying not to spill any. The team with the most popcorn won!
Here are Gracie & Hallie waiting their turn
Hallie filling her cup
Doing great Claudia!
Careful Logan!
The overall bible school theme this year was Sonquest rain forest so most of the crafts had something to do with the outdoors/wilderness. Tonight's craft was a rain stick which you shook to make rain (we need that to work during these hot days don't we)
Claudia did flowers and love while Hallie & Amy chose rainbow colors for their stick
Bible school wouldn't be bible school without patient helpers like Mrs. Christy  :-)
Hallie says "My Mom took more pictures on day 4 than any other day!!! so stay tuned"

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