Friday, April 16, 2010


We as a family do not have good luck with vacations. Unfortunately, we remind us of the Griswolds.
Every year Tim looks at me on the drive home and says never again, don't even ask me next year! However, I guess the nightmares of our family vacation fade over time and we try again :-) So we are at the beach and the weather has cooperated (and so have the kids pretty much.....) it has been simply beautiful!  Before I had children I hardly ever took a camera on vacation-boy have things changed!
We arrived late afternoon the first day and the beach was almost deserted Hallie wanted to hunt seashells.
It began with Hallie toting the bucket 
But if you're a parent you know the bucket was soon too heavy
Thank goodness we brought this handsome fella for such emergencies!
How can you doubt God's majesty when you're staring out over that
Even on vacation a girl has to flip!!
Yes, in case you're wondering Hunter did go on vacation with us. There are plenty of pictures of him to follow on Vacation Days 2, 3........

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