Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beach Babes

Beach day 2 was another beautiful day that we spent by the pool for the most part. Later in the day in spite of a few "Awww Mom" the kids agreed to a photo shoot. You may notice there are no family pictures of us-even though I remembered our matching outfits-I forgot the tripod!!
The sun was so bright that we had to be creative so believe it or not these first pics are under our condominium in the shaded parking deck!
 I have always wanted to try pictures under the pier so we headed out....I love how some of these turned out. If I could make a living at taking pictures I would be a happy girl :-) I took so many I will try to just show my faves of the day.
My favorite group shot
My favorite of Hunter. I love his smile in this picture it is so....Hunter. Tim had just said a certain girl's name if I remember correctly :-) This was the smile in between the yells of "Dad stop it!"
My fave of Hallie
My fave of Tim-Gosh I'm a lucky girl!
My fave of Hunter & Hallie
Oh how I love this boy & girl!
A look down the pier
Hunter is becoming a regular model for Mom
It's amazing how loving these two can become with promises of game rooms and putt putt golf
This was our first trip to the pier but won't be our last

Stay tuned for the rest of Beach Trip 2010 (sorry I know you feel like you're sitting through torturous home movies) but I want to remember every minute :-)

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  1. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I love every single one! Keep them coming and just be on the look out for a TON of Disney pics! Love you!