Monday, March 15, 2010

Standing in the Gap

 I haven't posted in a while, to tell the truth my heart just hasn't been in it. Worrying over a child and a parent has occupied my every waking moment, it has seemed. To tell the truth I haven't even had the heart to pray about the situation. Although I have still been praying for others I haven't had the heart to pray for my troubles.  I have felt alone until...I talked with a dear friend the other day and she said I have had you on my mind the last few weeks, are you ok? I relayed a little of what was going on & she said she had my name on a list by her bed that she prayed for each night.  I can't tell you how that touched me. It also made me realize this dear friend had been standing in the gap for me. I know that during the hardest times in my life when I felt I didn't even have the strength to pray-others have been praying on my behalf/standing in the gap for me.
 Standing in the Gap
Babbie Mason

I heard that you were hurting
That you were suffering pain
But I didn't dare just turn my head
And look the other way
For when your heart is aching
My heart is aching too
Let me help you bear your burden
That's the least that I can do

I'll be standing in the gap for you
Just remember someone, somewhere is praying for you
Calling out your name
Praying for your strength
I'll be standing in the gap for you
Right now you may be troubled
But everything will work out fine
For the Spirit knows before you speak
What is on your heart and mind
So I'll be interceding
Til your standing strong again
The peace that passes understanding
Is going to be yours, but until then

So hang on my friend
It won't be long
And you have the strength
To carry on
For when two or three are walking together
It will be a much lighter load
For isn't that what a brother and a sister are for
I hadn't planned on doing this post but tonight my heart is breaking for a dear friend who has lost a cherished loved one. At times like this you want to do so much but nothing eases the pain.  Friend, my heart aches because of your pain and I feel so helpless but please know that I and so many others have been lifting your name and interceding on your behalf. I love this song by Babbie Mason and just as someone stood in the gap for me I and so many others are standing in the gap for you. I love you.

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  1. AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN! Me too, I'm standing in the GAP!