Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stranger in the Manger

Happy New Year everyone. It seems I am starting this year as last....behind. I still have a few Christmas post left. This post is pictures from practice and cantata that our Kingdom Kidz performed at our church titled Stranger in the Manger.
This is doll baby Mia before practice
Nathan provided us parents with plenty of giggles during practice concerning Mia's braids. He was fascinated by them-he would pick them up, look at them, swing them to Mia's back and she never lost patience with him she would just pull them back to the front as you see here-it was too cute!!
Group shots of practice, look at Mia with that hand on her hip, I might have been wrong and she had lost patience with him :-)
 In case you can't tell I love little Mia-she did the hand motions to match so precious!
The next shots are of the actual night of the cantata they practiced one last time that day and then the actual performance. I think all of the church was shocked at how loud they were and how they knew the words. Mrs. Lyn had these kids ready!
Sydney & Justin made a wonderful Mary & Joseph
This play had lots of speaking parts and check out kindergartner Abbie not a shy, nervous bone in that little body. Love her!
 Bless Garrett's heart I think he was having flash backs of the Christmas pictures I took of him-every time he sees me with a camera he starts smiling-such a cutie pie!
One of the cutest songs was "Walking Like a Wise Man" featuring Will, Timothy and Jackson here they are indicating wise & walking :-)

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