Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's a Boy!

We have a new addition to our family. A baby boy hamster Hallie named Bama. She started begging for a hamster months ago and finally wore her Dad down and I eventually caved too-2 against 1 you know.
Here is one happy Hallie as we arrive at the pet store
Headed in to pick our new addition
How much is that hamster in the window.....
We saw several little fellas waiting to go home with someone. I was thankful Hallie didn't pick this one he just looked too much like a rat to me!
When we saw this little guy not just eat out of his food bowl but climb into it we knew we had found the newest member of our family!

He immediately hopped on the exercise wheel but only lasted a second-yep he'll fit right in!
Headed home with Bama 
Welcome to the family Bama

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  1. Ok, OMG, even the pictures make me cringe...oh Hallie...I cannot even imagine. Just so Claudia doesn't get any ideas! But love that you photographed every step...we are a tad obsessed! Ha Ha! I love it!