Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Hunter & Hallie

We always pick out Hallie's clothes the night before school. The other night I asked what she wanted to wear and as usual she said I don't care. I smiled and pulled out one of the girliest things in her closet it has ruffles and ribbons which have become a no-no as Hallie grows older. However to my surprise she said sure I'll wear it-I knew she was buttering me up for something but for the time being I enjoyed the moment!
Just a few shots of Hunter & Hallie before church. This is my favorite winter outfit of Hallie's I love the bright minke chenille and polka dots and Hallie loves it because it is so soft.
Can I just say that I love that side pony tails are back in style for little girls anyway! They are a lifesaver on Sunday mornings when hair has a mind of it's own.
I had to beg Hunter in for a few shots but he had his familiar smirk no matter how much I begged!
I look at other blogs that post pics of their small children each day and I think don't blink because they grow so fast.

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