Saturday, December 4, 2010

Monograms & Mini Me

I know my days are numbered for Hallie still wearing cute outfits so I try to snap a few shots as often as I can. I guess it is a "Southern" thing but I have always loved monograms and my friend Mandy really worked her magic on these next few sets. I absolutely love what she did with this one.
 I really love the extra little details on this monogram, it has a floral design around the applique. The dress was nearly nothing on clearance but the monogram really dresses it up-thanks Mandy!
 Of course Greer wanted her picture taken also. She is such a camera hog :-)
This next outfit brings a tear to my eye! If you know me you know I love faux fur, I've even blogged about my weakness to it! Well, I present Hallie in her first faux fur! It was such a proud day for me (only kidding) but I did think she looked pretty cute in it :-)


  1. She is DEFINITELY a Mini-you Mrs, Kelly!! The fur vest is too cute on her!!!! Cute pictures!!

  2. Love it! She is too sweet and pretty...just like her mama. :) Where do you get your cute fonts that you use on your headers?