Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Looks like....

He MADE it!!

A few weeks ago Hunter tried out for the JV basketball team and I was truly so proud of him just for having the courage to try out. I have always been a chicken when it came to trying out for anything from cheer leading to beauty pageants anything that put me in the spotlight with people watching and judging-I get hives just thinking about it. Anyway, 25 boys were trying out and several returning players so we tried to prepare Hunter to not be disappointed but happily he made the team. 
I planned a post that day to celebrate and mark the occasion but elements have worked against us mainly because Hunter started practice and gets home after dark most days. So I kept postponing and postponing but when I got home from work the other day Hunter was at the basketball goal shooting. This was after he finished almost 2 hours of practice and the weather was dark and dreary. 
I decided to snap these pics and use them for the post because this really demonstrates how Hunter practices/plays basketball all the TIME! The seasons may bring record breaking hot and cold temperatures but Hunter is still shooting baskets. Rain or shine, day or night, it doesn't matter to him, he's still playing.  My point is Hunter lives, breathes and loves basketball. Our kitchen window is next to the driveway where Hunter shoots and for years we have judged he is still out there and ok by the sound of the ball hitting the pavement. When the ball stopped was when we knew to check on him. It is just a way of life for Hunter and a big part of who he is. 
Realistically, I know Hunter is starting on a team with most returning starters and he may not get much playing time but I am just so happy he made up his mind to try for something and he worked hard and he did it!! Now for my and Tim's part I pray that we will be encouraging parents and even if Hunter throws a few "bricks" we will let him know as long as you try and do your best that is all that matters!
Hopefully we will see lots of these-nothing but net :-)

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