Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Greer Update

My friend Anita asked me the other day if Hallie's elf had came back to visit and I said oh yes for a while now so I thought I had better do a Greer update. If you know Hallie she starts begging for Greer to come back usually around her birthday in March and resorts to all sorts of begging from Santa.
She wrote all sorts of notes, there have been dozens!
We even found notes in the freezer-since it was cold like the North Pole they got there faster and from what I understand Hallie shared this knowledge with her friends so lots of Mommies found similar notes in their freezer too :-)
And October Greer arrived
Of course she has caused all kinds of mischief like toilet paper strung from the ceiling and all across the room
Hallie must think Greer is too skinny because she's left her more food this year than ever. Tim said he will be glad when Greer goes home because she is eating us out of house and home!
She also has had a few romances since she has been visiting this year perhaps a love triangle :-)
 I did think the smiley face with the food was pretty cute!
In a few days Greer will have to return to the North Pole and I know Hallie will be sad but we will await her return next year.

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