Sunday, December 19, 2010

Visitor's Day at Dance

I am so far behind in post-just this time of year I guess. These are pics from visitor's week at dance. I decided at the last minute to take pics and my battery died shortly thereafter so I only got a few. I was disappointed because the prettiest shots to me are the ballet when they are at the bar and I didn't get any of those :-(
The first few shots are of leaps and turns
A few single shots of Hallie
 I noticed a trend in several pics, Hallie has no lips! :-)
In one of the dances they end up like this with serious "attitude"
 Hallie is paired with Mady for one dance.
I just have to laugh at how many of these Hallie has no lips!
 Of course while waiting to do the dance again giggles were heard, these two always have fun together.
 I think in this one Hallie is saying "No it didn't come with an know my Momma and her crazy monogramming!!
 This last shot is so typical little girl to me, too cute!

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