Monday, November 22, 2010

Today I Played........

Photographer !!!!
My friend Angel asked me to take pictures for their Christmas cards this year and although I was worried I wouldn't get any good ones for her it was fun. In another time and place I could really do this as a definite hobby because although I love taking pictures of my family I also enjoy taking pictures of others too!
Here are a few of my faves
Garrett is so photogenic and loves having his picture made so I took several of this cutie but I think this one is my fave of all
 Garrett wanted a pic with this kitty so bad and I love this one too!
Beautiful Alayna Grace
Both beautiful kiddos
 I love these last two isn't that just like a little brother :-)
Proud Mommy & Daddy
What a beautiful family! I don't know which picture will be Angel's favorite but this one is my fave
 Unfortunately we didn't discover the prettiest place for the pictures until the end of the day and I had already taken over a 100 shots so this picture pretty much sums up how Alayna Grace felt about more pics and who could blame her :-)
Thanks Angel for letting me capture some memories for you I just HOPE you have some pics you can use :-)


  1. Oh, you did such a wonderful job for them! WOW! What fun it must have been! I can't wait to get my Christmas card now!

  2. Beautiful pics! Are you taking apppointments? heehee :)