Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Hear You Lord

To be honest I have never literally heard God "speak" to me but he talks to me all the time in subtle ways and sometimes in direct ways. I love it when that happens because to me it reaffirms that although he is taking care of so many he hasn't forgotten about me. Yesterday was an example of that reaffirmation.

Becky and I were talking at work and I shared that Tim & I were too overprotective with Hunter & Hallie. I simply worry too much and I constantly think of all the bad things that can happen and we have a hard time of letting go. I came home and checked the blogs that I follow and saw that Bring the Rain had a new posting. In it she shared about her daughter being injured doing a simple cartwheel.

Angie related about being a worrier by nature and the enemy preying upon that but what really touched me the most was when she shared that the Lord she and I have given our children to does not want us to fear. The part that I felt was speaking directly to me was when she said that although I need to be a mindful parent that Hunter & Hallie's life is not determined by any of my precautions that I am not in control..... He is.

Now I have struggled with worrying my entire life & I know that I haven't been miraculously cured from it. But it did remind me when worrying seems to be taking control that I need to take a breath and realize I am not in control HE IS.

I hear you Lord, I hear you.  Thanks for reminding me.

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