Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Girls Day Out

This past Saturday, Hallie and I headed to Ashley Park in Newnan for a girls day of shopping. If you have never been to Ashley Park it is an open air shopping mall which has been landscaped so beautifully with fountains and flowers every where you look.
 Our first stop was Charming Charlies, which if I were an alien it would be the Mother ship calling me home! 
The store is huge and filled with thousands of accessories including rings, bracelets, necklaces not to mention funky shoes, purses and clothes. The most convenient part is, it's all grouped by color so you can go straight to whatever color you need.
My second favorite store is DSW Oh my goodness how I LOVE me some shoes! This store has every kind you can imagine and especially what's in fashion right now. 
Hallie spotted these polka dot stilettos-yes stilettos!! She excitedly said "Get em' Momma!" Now you know by the title of this blog I love polka dots but I draw the line at stilettos :-)
Hallie also tried on several pairs most of which had sparkles but they all looked WAY too grown up to me. So in the end we both left empty handed but we still had lots of fun!
Hallie has never liked shopping (much to my dismay) but on the way home she said Mom it's been a good day so I hope she's changing her mind :-) and we have many more girl days in the future.

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