Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Fun Filled Day

My dear friend Angel is a brave soul. When she found out I had to work the day of the library carnival she not only invited Hallie to attend with her & her 2 beautiful children Alayna Grace & Garrett but also to spend the entire day with them! Hallie had a ball and who wouldn't-the day included the fun filled carnival, swimming and a zumba class to end the day. I'm tired just writing about it. I was disappointed to miss the day with Hallie but Angel took some pics for me.
Arriving at the library and ready for the carnival
In the prize room spending their hard earned points 
Waiting in line for some of the booths it looks as though they had a great turn out
Look at all the friends who were there too
Claudia & Mrs. June
Garrett was happy to see Cooper
And look who else they saw... doll baby Mia!
One of the girl's favorite booths was face painting
Hallie chose a rainbow
After the carnival it was time for pool fun
That was followed by Zumba
Look at Hallie & Alayna Grace at the beginning of Zumba....all smiles
This was after Zumba had "whipped them" bless their hearts :-)

Thanks so much Angel for inviting Hallie to be a part of your day. She had a blast!

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