Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter was absolutely beautiful!  We enjoyed a wonderful church service and came home to take a few pics. I have a huge frame I'm wanting to hang in the bedroom but need a recent pic of Hunter and Hallie. You would think it would be easier the older they get but when you are dealing with brother and sister it's never easy!

 I probably took 100 shots and these were the best and don't they look so sweet and loving-HA-if you could only see the other 97!

Easter morning they received their baskets

I think kids are never too old for an Easter basket but what they receive in them sure does change!

We ended the day with an Eater egg hunt. 47 eggs to be exact!

They were hid high and low

We all got in on the fun

.......but I believe Hunter enjoyed it the most, can't you see the joy all over him!  This is what a 14 year old looks like having to participate with the family :-) Bless his heart!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

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