Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween Carnival

Since Thanksgiving is next week I thought I had better post Halloween carnival pictures!

Hallie, Gracie and Bella who was also dressed for Halloween in her pumpkin outfit!

We saw all kinds of creations at the carnival

A puppy named Gracie Lyn with the prettiest eyes!

Mia the Mermaid

Cute cowboys and cowgirls
 Garrett & Alayna Grace
One cute cowboy had lost his two front teeth :-)
A rodeo clown AKA Justin

 The Three Musketeers from Mrs. Head's class
Hallie, Gracie & Reagan

There also was an Auburn cheerleader, Punk Rocker & an Ice Princess
Maibyn & Claudia

A groovy girl Sara

The hayride was the biggest hit!
I guess Hallie saw a monster behind me!

And one of God's most amazing creations was also there
A new baby Lilly Kate
Oh my goodness Katie is a pretty girl!

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