Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Go Handley!!! Bring that Trophy Home!!

Remember my post in September about being excited and ready for some football and how our small town goes all out during football season? Well..... that small town football team is going to the state playoffs!!!

Handley Tigers 2011
(photo by Patricia Guinn)
YES our Handley Tigers are going for it all tomorrow!

Our town is so excited you can't go in a store or pass someone on the street without talking about "the GAME"-another reason I love small town living ;-)  Patricia our local photographer is so wonderful to take pictures and record the moments in all our lives and I've seen so many awesome shots she has taken but one of my favorites is this shot she captured of Carolyn Battles our head coach's wife right after our last hard fought win over Clay County that put us in the State playoffs.

That look of sheer joy says it all :-) I love it!

You can do it Handley Tigers bring that trophy home!

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