Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Party-Cast, Craft & Cake!!!

The Cast
Everyone knows it can't be a party without your friends!
A picture with the Birthday Girl
See how much she still loves to be smothered in kisses! 
She truly loved the surprise visit from Tyler :-)

The Craft
When we started planning Hallie's party we were trying to think of a craft to do and we decided on these ribbon flips flops. They turned out so cute!
And...the finished product

The Cake
A few pics of making wishes and blowing out the candles.
Hallie got lots of wonderful gifts but one thing that struck me as Hallie growing up is that she actually read (and I mean READ) each card. I think the poor girls thought gift time would never end. 
Of course, just as I think she is maturing she does a dance with the tissue paper-which was fine by me because she seems to be growing up way too fast!
Until next year Happy Birthday Hallie Bug :-)

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  1. Love it! Precious memories of our girls!!!