Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Go! Go!

The day before Hallie's birthday party was also the same day of Hunter's church basketball tournament. We had things to pick up in LaGrange but didn't want to miss any of Hunter playing so in between games we flew over there. Our last stop was Wal-Mart and we were really pressed for time so Tim dropped me out at the door and said he would find a spot and keep the car running. Ok-so I come out & see the back of the van with lights on and ready and I run and jump in yelling "GO GO"!!!!!

OK are you jumping ahead and know what happens next?????
It wasn't Tim in the van it was a poor woman who started screaming like this...

And when she started screaming guess what I did???
I started screaming like this....

Yes folks I did jump in the wrong van screaming "GO GO" like I had just held up Wal-Mart. I fell back out apologizing profusely and the lady's daughter happened to be walking up at the same time. By this time I had spotted my van and was pointing and saying "I promise I'm not crazy that's my van that looks just like yours" but I could tell they thought crazy was a relative term!! I also bet they were thankful to see our tag was out of state and we were headed back that way!!

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