Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lazy Labor Day

We had a lazy Labor Day weekend. Hallie is not a child who plays by herself. The words I'm bored are frequent to her lips. This weekend was no exception but after scavenging through the cabinets she found some old paint from a discarded craft project and leftover poster board and she was happy! Hallie has always loved to draw, paint etc...
Bless her heart, she had to make do with old makeup brushes and q-tips for paintbrushes 
 She wanted to share her creation 
That afternoon Hallie shocked us by spending hours in her room by herself!! Of course we had to investigate and this is what we found
 Biscuit was receiving all of her attention
I am just proud of her for entertaining herself and the words "I'm bored" didn't cross her lips!

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