Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cheer Practice

Hallie decided again this year she wanted to be a pee wee cheerleader. She loves to cheer but generally doesn't like to practice so I was very surprised when I picked her up from school and she said "I can't wait to get to practice!" I asked why the change of heart and she replied I got to up in prep Mom and I loved it-it was like flying!  All I can say is "Oh me, Oh my!" I get woozy just walking across the balcony of our own house.
Listening to Mrs. Tia's instructions (Tia rocks as a leader she is so organized-so unlike me)
"Lean on me"
If you look closely above you will see Sadie peeking out-oh what a doll!
Good friends and cheer partners
Hallie has cheered with Mady every year & I can still hear Mady yelling that first year
"Are you ready girls?"

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  1. Great pictures.