Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can You Feel It?

As I got home Friday from work and stepped out of the car I felt a cool breeze! After a Summer of record high temperatures it was so welcome! I do believe Fall is right around the corner.
Hallie & Izzy were on the steps playing with their Whimsy pets so even though they may be older and in a new grade that still hasn't changed :-)
 I took a few pictures of them decked out for Handley football. I didn't have time to get pics of Hallie before she left for school so her painted paws are beginning to fade but I think you get the idea!
Hallie showing her school spirit!
Izzy and her tiger paw
Isabella has taught Polly some tricks and was so proud
Good job Polly!
Hallie & Izzy say bye for now....

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  1. Love the school spirt!! Darling!! The dog was pretty cute also!!