Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School

Sorry I have been MIA from blogging. I don't know what is wrong but my heart just hasn't been in it! I do have one short post because I wanted to document Hunter & Hallie's first day of school. Hunter started the 8th & Hallie started the 3rd. I took these pictures before they left that morning. I didn't tell them to smile because I truly wanted to document how they felt. As you can see Hallie was not happy. Anything new makes her nervous and considering it was a new teacher, grade, class and even a new wing in the school-she was in nervous overdrive.
Ok Hallie show us how you really feel :-)
I don't know why but Hallie's expression brings this picture to mind! HA!

*Update* School has been in for 3 weeks and I am happy to report Hallie loves 3rd grade. She loves her teacher and has a wonderful class with many new friends. So I took these pictures before she left for school this morning.
A definite improvement!

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