Monday, December 31, 2012

A Day of Celebration Hallie's Baptism

I had hoped to be caught up with all of 2012 post before the New Year rang in but I'm not going to make it but I couldn't leave out a post about the best days of 2012-Hallie's decision to ask Jesus into her heart and follow through with baptism. Hallie had asked Jesus into her heart on August 5th and we were so excited on September 9 as she was baptized.
It's funny how our Lord works sometimes.... I'm on the counting committee at church and one Sunday after service Hallie and a friend were playing in the baptism tub when Tim being the typical Dad was telling her to stop  etc... but that playing led Kimberly our pastor's wife to ask questions of Hallie about baptism etc.. and started the conversation with Brother Jeff to lead her to the Lord and be saved that day!! Our family already loved Brother Jeff and Kimberly but even more so now because they will always have a special place in our hearts for the role they played in Hallie's decision that day.

Tim helping with Hallie's robe as I take pictures, so thankful he is a father who wants to be involved in the important events in Hunter and Hallie's lives not just a spectator.

 Of course you have to have family pics on days like this :-)

We love this little girl so much! As many of our friends know Hallie had colic for the first 3 months of her life and literally screamed from the time the sun went down until the sun came up (seriously). For a little girl who came into this world so testing her parent's sanity she has more than made up for it what a blessing she is to us!

Hallie & Brother Jeff

Friends that mean so much to us and have helped shape Hallie's life as christian examples!
 Chad, one of the most compassionate people I know and Hallie adores "Mr. Chad"!

Mrs. Judy holds such a special place in our heart we sat on the pew in front of Mrs. Judy and her Mom for years & I feel like they watched & helped Hallie grow in faith right there on those church seats every Sunday.

Alice, Sherry and Judy sharing encouragement with Hallie before the service. Love these women, they always have encouragement for you every Sunday.

Mrs. Gloria who Tim loves to pick on but actually loves to death!

Sandra (a.k.a) Sissy who Hallie spent the first years of her life with in daycare so thankful for Godly role models!

Teresa such a devoted Christian and prayer warrior

Mrs. Lyn such a Godly friend and who probably doesn't realize how many seeds she sowed with her children's devotion each Sunday.

Precious Jenna who is now expecting twin boys of her own and who we can't wait to see grow in Christ with Godly parents such as she & Blake-what lucky little boys!

Tyler who Hallie has always adored and who is so selfless with his time for kids and always has encouragement for them.

Sweet friends Claudia and Rachel

I love this picture Hallie doesn't look nervous at all and for those who know Hallie personally-realize that is a peace only God could have provided .

I used this poem with Hunter's baptism and it is still my favorite

We pray you'd have a real sense
Of God's hand upon your life
As you go through the baptismal waters
And follow after Christ
We pray that you may go from here,
Changed and made brand-new
Walking hand in hand with God
Into all He's called you to.

© By M.S.Lowndes
So proud of you Hallie!


  1. Congratulations to Hallie on her baptism. She is so beautiful! I could never imagine a colicky baby....bless your heart, you are a good mama...but I'm glad that she's a sweet angel now :-)

  2. Thanks for dropping in on the blog today.

    I love that last photo. She's a beauty!