Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tiny Dancers

Thought maybe I should post a few dance pics from MAY!! 
This was my first year as a PC Mom and I had the pleasure of helping with the 3 year old class during recital. Oh my gosh they were precious girls, and Vicki outdone herself on their outfits I don't think I have ever seen them be as cute!

I wanted to get shots of all the girls but some were shyer than others and I certainly didn't want to upset them; dance recital is stressful enough on Mommies besides tears too ;-)

Olivia was one of the girls in my group and she was so sweet and ready to pose.
 I wish I had gotten a shot of their polka dot flower pots each girl "bloomed" from them during their dance-how sweet is that?

Rylen was another cutie in my group and she wasn't too sure about me and pictures but she did let me take a few-isn't she gorgeous!

This next pic tickles me. Don't they look like America's future top models? Khloe the pigtail cutie on the end  was working that runway  ;-)

  Brynnley (middle) wasn't ready for any single shots but she would let me take some as a group doesn't she look like she stepped out of a Coppertone ad-cutie pie!

I was very blessed that night my group of girls were doll babies and initiated me into PC Mom duty gently. I look forward to watching these dolls grow up in dance :-)

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