Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking Back & Moving Forward

I have already posted Hunter's last day/graduation from Middle School and now it's Hallie's turn. Knight Enloe has a farewell tea for the 3rd graders on the last day. It includes lots of treats. Hallie is just like her Mom she loves bread and sweets!
This was our first year to have Gracie in our class and what a blessing it was. She and Hallie formed a special friendship.
Hallie proudly holding her certificates
Third grade was a wonderful year for Hallie and a great part of it was due to her precious teacher Mrs. Head. As I would check Hallie's school work each night I would see notes with "I love you Mrs. Head" written on them and it made me smile because I knew not only was Hallie learning she was also being shown love and kindness each day. 
Hallie & Mrs. Head
Another reason third grade was such a special year was this wonderful group of girls. Hallie had 3 BFFS this year in her class and she would come home saying they were the 4 Muskateers and how much fun they had each day. Anyone who has/knows girls understands how unusual this is and it was a joy to hear each night!
Raegan, Baylee, Gracie & Hallie
Tears were shed as they hugged goodbye and you can see Hallie looking for Baylee since she was missing from the group.
And everyone moving on to Middle School will miss this smiling face!

After a Summer which went by in a flash, Hallie and Hunter both started new schools. Hunter started High School & Hallie started Middle School. I can remember being nervous but excited each first day of school and even more so when you had moved up to a new building! Lots of prayers were spoken that morning before school and by their Momma all during the day while they were there! 
Here they are about to head out to face the day.
See how overjoyed Hunter was

My favorite time of back to school was always the new clothes, backpacks, lunchboxes etc... It was always exciting with a clean slate, a new year and new possibilities.

Do you think I will ever get them both to smile on their first day!

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