Friday, June 10, 2011

Monograms, Massages and a Milestone

Oh my how I love alliteration and it gives me a chance to catch up on a lot of post at once. 

Everyone knows how I love monograms and I always share when someone does an awesome job for us and this time it was our friend Julie!  I just gave an idea of what colors we wanted and she went above and beyond what I could imagine. They were so detailed. Thanks Julie you are awesome :-)

A while back Hallie went to a rocking birthday party where the Mom treated the girls to a spa day! Hallie was so excited and I was envious since I have never had one :-)  They each got facials, massages and the royal treatment. Each girl also was treated to her own monogrammed robe-how cute is that? 

At Hallie's school they reward you for reaching certain milestone points in AR reading. Once you have over 100 AR points you are treated to a tshirt and a field trip all expenses paid by the school! What a wonderful incentive for the students. Hallie reached the goal and the trip this year was Frog Legs- a jump house in Auburn.
I wasn't able to go on this field trip so I borrowed this picture from Lyn-thanks Lyn!
Here is Hallie with other super readers Alyssa & Claudia

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